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Tokyo Tower

In Roppongi, you can find Tokyo Tower. It is a 333 meter (1,093 feet) tower that is open to the public to see views of Tokyo during the day and night. The top deck is 250 meters from the ground.

For 1200 yen (~$10 USD) you can head to the main observation deck near the middle of the tower, and for 3000 yen (~$25 USD) you can head closer to the top.

The outside is lit up at night, and it really stands out in the landscape.

Inside the base of the tower are several souvenir shops (mostly snack foods and anime-themed merchandise.) It's a good way to pass the time as you have to wait 15-30 minutes for your turn to go up the elevators to the upper floors.

An interesting note is that when descending from the middle of the tower, there's an option to go down the stairs, which is said to take about eight minutes to descend. There is no option to do this from the top floor.

Aside form Sky Tree, which you can see in the background and that is much higher at around 450 meters, it is the …

An update on the SNES preservation project

As you may already know, I've completed the Japanese Super Famicom collection in late 2014.

Since that time I've mostly been focusing on the European collection and also in writing my various emulators, however I have completed work on the most valuable 100 titles already. That leaves about 1,350 titles to go, which is just ... a lot. A whole lot:

Plus I also moved to Japan last year, so I don't currently have access to them anyway.

Given that, I'm going to be delegating the task of scanning these games to the Game Preservation Society instead. I will be lending them my complete set for approximately 2-3 years to complete this task.

The immediate problem we're facing is, "how do we ship this many games to Japan from the US safely and affordably?", and to that aim, I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Neither myself nor GPS have experience with a set of this volume.

Now then, what will happen with the project there? Unlike my rather amateur…

Updated About Page

Perhaps not terribly interesting, but I spent some time yesterday rewriting my about page to include a retrospective of milestones from 1997 - 2019. It could be interesting to some folks, possibly.

If you'd like you read it, you can find it here: About byuu

Thanks ^-^