Fall is here, which means warm vending machine drinks

It's likely well known that in Japan, drink vending machines are incredibly commonplace, and they're great. With exotic beverages like the energy drink Pocari Sweat and plenty of healthy green tea choices, drinks are always readily available.

An interesting cultural difference is that, in Japan, you're not supposed to eat or drink while walking, so you'll often find people hanging around the vending machines to drink their recently purchased beverages. And conveniently, they're the only places you'll find to dispose of the drink bottle after, so I suppose it works out.

Anyway, what really makes the vending machine experience memorable here is that, at least during fall and winter, vending machines contain warm drinks, marked あったか〜い (warm)

For usually a single 100 yen coin, you have access to your own personal mini-Starbucks, complete with no human interaction required, within a one-minute walk from just about any location.

I understand that during spring and summer, it's too hot to also have hot coffee outside, but I definitely look forward to fall and winter, so I can pick up some coffee in the mornings to get my day started.

For those who have visited, do you have any favorite vending machine beverages in Japan?


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